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Black Obsidian Sphere

Black Obsidian Sphere

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Black Obsidian Tower: Mystical Aura and Protective Power

Step into a realm of mystery and protection with our Black Obsidian Sphere. This sleek, polished tower is crafted from high-quality black obsidian, that glints as it catches the light. Perfect for those who seek both a striking decorative element and a strong spiritual guardian in their space.

This Product Details:

  •  Material: 100% Natural Obsidian 
  •  Size: Approx. 79mm
  •  Weight: Approx. 518g
  • Color: Deep black with dynamic mirrored reflections

Metaphysical Properties:

Black Obsidian is renowned for its potent energies of protection and grounding. It is believed to:

  • Enhance meditation and reflection, revealing the truths within
  • Offer powerful psychic protection, absorbing negative energies
  • Ground and center spiritual energy, promoting emotional balance
  • Foster patience and perseverance during challenging times


  • Spiritual: Enhance your meditation practice by placing this sphere in your sacred space to deepen your reflection and protect your energy.
  • Decorative: Its striking appearance makes it a captivating centerpiece or an elegant addition to any room's decor.
  • Healing: Utilize it to shield against negativity and to anchor steadfast energy in times of need.

Why Buy From Us?

  • Each crystal is hand-selected for the highest quality and patterns.
  • Expertly polished to a glossy finish that highlights its natural luster.
  • An exceptional gift for those fascinated by the metaphysical or anyone seeking to fortify their space.

Embrace the protective embrace of Black Obsidian. Add this powerful sphere to your cart today and infuse your environment with its profound energy.


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