About Me!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the Comet Stone Co store! It means a lot for me to share these treasures with you, and your support means the world to me and my family.


Comet, who is a Golden Retriever, and the definition of Golden, and has been my literal rock since the day we got him home. He may not be the best retriever, and the brushing never ends, but he is a special gift from Heaven that I get to call my heart dog. Our heart dog (or pet) is what I believe that, once in our lifetimes (2 if we are lucky) that we share with our pets, is our animal soulmate and opens our heart to such a depth of connection and compassion, that we get to grow and evolve through a special bond. Through the last 5 years, he has joined me through some of most difficult and joyous moments, and while time is a thief, I am hopeful for many more. Now he has cemented his name into every facet of my life, just the way it should be.


While Comet didn’t come into my life until much later, I have also been a huge rock collector. Rocks from the river, rocks from farm fields, rocks from hiking trips. I don’t remember a trip that I have taken where a souvenir rock (or collection of rocks) wasn’t part of the adventure. Every house I have lived in, we have always made a garden edge of pretty rocks, and even picked the prettiest ones to move along with us.


As I have gotten older and more experienced in my “real job” and life gets more complicated, I have been going back to the simpler things in effort to find my purpose. In a way most of us do, seeking my human purpose. I found that I never get tired of working with rocks and crystals, learning their metaphysical properties and minerals compositions and really nerding out. Doing the research, finding the sources and making sure the materials I hand choose are the highest quality I can, has been such a pleasure, especially since I feel that the crystals give me more energy than I need! I have been able to bring my kids into my rock world and have watched it create such a spark of wonder in them that I am so excited to share it with all of you!


Thank you for reading my story of how Comet Stone Co came to be, especially if you held on to end ☺️. I hope you reach out with any questions or special requests on how I can help you to find your favorite pieces. I would love to help to reshape the energy in your home and your most sacred spaces- your mind and spirit.


  • Kati