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Pink Lithium Lemurian Quartz Slab

Pink Lithium Lemurian Quartz Slab

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Pink Lithium Lemurian Quartz: Ancient Wisdom and Emotional Healing

Discover the rare and powerful energy of our Pink Lithium Lemurian Quartz, a crystal that combines the gentle, healing properties of lithium with the ancient wisdom encoded in Lemurian quartz. Each piece is carefully hand-selected and polished to reveal its natural beauty and unique striations, making it an invaluable addition to any crystal collection.

This Product Details:

  • Material: 100% Natural Pink Lithium Lemurian Quartz
  • Size: Approx. 4” Wide at the bottom, 2.5” at the top x 5” Height x 1” Thickness
    Approx. 282g
  • Color: Soft pink hues with distinctive Lemurian striations and lithium inclusions

Metaphysical Properties:

Pink Lithium Lemurian Quartz is revered for its profound healing and spiritual properties. It is believed to:

  • Facilitate deep emotional healing and release from past traumas
  • Enhance spiritual growth and connection to ancient Lemurian knowledge
  • Promote peace, love, and compassion, balancing the heart chakra
  • Aid in accessing past life memories and unlocking ancient wisdom


  • Spiritual: Use Pink Lithium Lemurian Quartz during meditation to deepen your spiritual connection, enhance intuition, and access ancient wisdom.
  • Decorative: Display it in your sacred space or home to bring a touch of elegance and high vibrational energy, creating a calming and harmonious environment
  • HealingHold it during energy healing sessions to promdeep emotional healing, balance your chakras, and elevate your spiritual practices.

Embrace the transformative energy and ancient wisdom of Pink Lithium Lemurian Quartz. Add this exquisite crystal to your cart today and embark on a journey of deep emotional healing and spiritual awakening.

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