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Pistachio Calcite Hearts

Pistachio Calcite Hearts

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Unique sea-green coloring with pretty layering in this Pistachio Calcite piece.

Calcite is known to be the stone of transformation and this sea-green color aids in opening your heart chakras and allow your inner self to receive love and compassion from the spirit realm. Allows for you to focus on rebalancing your emotions by allowing you to process and heal so you can be in the loving relationship you deserve. Great stone for those dealing with heartbreak, relationship ending or loss of loved ones. Encourages love and understanding.

Many options available- towers, freeform or hearts.

  • A- 126g
  • B- 58g
  • C- 96g
  • D- 84g
  • E- 158g
  • F- 196g 
  • G- 112g
  • H- 56g
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