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Red Ocean Jasper

Red Ocean Jasper

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Red Ocean Jasper Towers- some extra druzy pieces!

Red Jasper help alleviate physical ailments, but it also works wonders as a balancing and stabilizing energy source. By wearing or carrying this stone, you can tap into its healing properties and live a more balanced, energized life.

This stone has the ability to ward off negative energy and EMFs, strengthen the body, detoxify, clear the root chakra, balance emotions, and access inner power. It can help reduce anxiety and stress, promote mental clarity and focus, enhance emotional stability, boost self-confidence and self-esteem, and encourage a positive outlook on life.

A- 262g Just about 4+”

B- 186g 4.5”

C- 168g 4.25”

D- 164g 4.5”

E- 130g 4”

Stone is sourced directly from Indonesia and benefits local craftsmen and their family.

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