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Rose Quartz Candle Holder or Sphere Stand

Rose Quartz Candle Holder or Sphere Stand

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Rose Quartz Candle Holder or Sphere Stand *Made in Brazil

Rose Quartz crystals are powerful heart healers that encourage love in all forms - romantic, familial, friendship, and self. This stone stimulates the Heart Chakra, promoting empathy, sensitivity, and accepting new beginnings. With its calming and stress-relieving properties, it opens the heart to new love and positive emotions while fostering self-love and compassion.

These Candle holders vary in size as they are natural stone. All are beautiful and unique in their natural state. Have protective feet on the bottom to prevent scratches on furniture or softer stone surfaces such as marble tables. Perfect for tealight candles or tall candles of the same diameter. Also make a great statement sphere holder! 

*sphere not included*

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