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Violet Agate Palm Stone

Violet Agate Palm Stone

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Violet Agate Palm Stone from Madagascar

Experience the rare beauty and history of the Violet Agate. Sharing properties similar to Jasper and Chalcedony, which is an ancient stone has been mined since 3500 BC.

Experience balance and enhanced wellness with our Violet Agate. This natural stone provides valuable perspective, awakening your inherent talents and skills. Use it to reach your spirit guides while meditating.

As is our aim for in all our stone sourcing, these high-quality agates are sourced ethically, supporting local communities and preserving the environment. Don't miss this unique opportunity.

These vary in size from approx. 2.25" - 3" and I will choose the one that is calling for you.

  • Small: 20-49g
  • Medium: 50-99g
  • Large: 100-149g
  • X-Large: 150g & up
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